kolo t.c. SPRING BREAK 2015 presented by Grzanka, Grit and McDonald


SPRING BREAK 2015 is going to be in….Asheville, North Carolina! NEWS

Thanks in large part to a ma$$ive check from bicycle advocacy law firm Grzanka, Grit and McDonald, kolo t.c. is “Gone Wild” during the week of April 12-16. Over those days, watch for just really cool posts about bikes, people, #neature, elevation, and the sworn vow to find a “holler” in the South.

You can live the FUN! vicariously by following the blog and by adding sodycovis on Instagram.


This trip has taken weeks, even months of planning, and all of it by SPRING BREAK 2015 coordinator and party-starter, Tim Pease. kolo t.c. doesn’t do ‘planning’. Pease has constructed the following itinerary, with some special cameo appearances along the way, and a pretty cool pit stop before heading south.

Friday, April 10: kolo t.c. departs Einstein Cycles with Sean “Banana Man” Kickbush. Hilarity ensues. Just hi-jinks and knee slappers, all night.

April 11. The Lowell 50 race, with coverage on the Internetz after. Head to Lexington, Kentucky for the night.

April 12. Leave Lexington, Kentucky (although it sounds like a great town) with LIVE! Twitter commentary with @kolotc as we stream Paris-Roubaix in the car but obviously not watching AND driving because that is insane and dangerous. Arrive in Asheville, North Carolina at 1pm. Ride bikes.

April 13-15. Ride bikes up mountains.

April 16. Wake up really early to ride bike up a mountain, then drive home.

We will also be trying to find Richard Petty. Don’t know if he’s from NC, but feels like he should be because of the hat. ‘


Take a look at the Official Road Bike of kolo t.c., which will soar like eagle thanks to Natron and Dan-tron at Ec.


Frame: 2014 Focus Cayo 3.0

Color: Hi-Vis!

Crank: Really silver Dura-Ace 53/39

Rest of stuff: Ultegra 11 speed

Wheels: HED Belgium rims with SPOKES connected to Ultegra hubs, hand built by Eric Pollard.

Tires: Pretty questionable Conti Gatorskins, 23mm

Extras: Bell. It’s got a bell on it.


1. Find a sponsor to help pay for this.

2. Make sure Jody lets Tim go.

3. Get a picture of Kickbush brushing his teeth.

4. Find a “holler” in NC.

5. Check in, make sure the South isn’t rising again.

6. Climb Mt. Mitchell twice, in one day.

7. Pease-y Miles: 200 miles in 5 days.

8. kolo-miles: 350 miles? No idea.

9. Pick up a Southern drawl

10. Buy Biltmore Estate.

-Straight cash or I.O.U.

11. Find Richard Petty.


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