Speed of Light Giro Competition Finale: Last Game of the Season, Can’t Hold Anything Back


Alex Vanias and Kaitlyn Patterson both hold massive leads on GC, with Vanias also comfortable in the blue and red jerseys as well.

The last stage won’t be a simple parade, even if the culmination changes little on the final count. With nearly every competition essentially sewn up, there’s no reason to hold anything back or play any part of the course safe. More than a few riders will be  looking ahead to Conquer the Village,  while those on hand will have legs to test and dice to proverbially roll. Or whatever.

The GC is set with Vanias, Cody Sovis and Josh Zelinski relatively safe on the podium, although there’s always the chance of mechanical or flat tire. Indeed, everything is set but the final stage winner, and there are a candidates aplenty. Vanias is the favorite, but Sean Kickbush, Keegan Myers and Craig Webb will all be on the line to contest what feels a bit like the inevitable. Sovis is rumored to be testing out a mountain bike ahead of Conquer the Village, with other riders, like Steve Andriese, also testing gearing and equipment ahead of CtV.

Kaitlyn Patterson needs to show up and rider steady to take her first Grand Tour and with it assure herself a high opening spot on the WorldTour table. The first WorldTour points will be awarded by Friday night, with Vanias kicking off 2015 with an overwhelming lead. It’ll fall to the quartet of one-day races to shuffle things up ahead of the Tour Competition. Some riders have already confirmed that they will take the Stage Four start on fat bikes as a sort of trial run ahead of Fat Bike week to kick off July. After that, it comes to Singlespeed Night, Cyclcross Night and Ladies’ Night in a thick June.

Those interested in WorldTour points will have to scramble for the minor placings for the Sprint and KOM competitions, with the winner in each pulling down 10 points, -1 to the top ten. Next to the GC haul, it’s the little ones that add up late in the season. Sean Kickbush, Ryan Kennedy and Craig Webb should all be able to bring home a dozen points or so in spite of missing stages and dropping out of the general classification.

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