Speed of Light WorldTour: Macdermaid Sets New SS World Record

11013538_10152676482551685_5933698468508287026_nAlex Vanias stayed perfect in 2015 with the fastest time of the night and holds onto his WorldTour points lead.

Kyle Macdermaid must have entered SS Night knowing it was his time to shine. Like a low wattage, energy efficient light bulb, the SS crusher was absolutely brilliant without being wasteful about it. He was able to break his own SS World Record with a 39:01, and did it while dueling with some of the toughest singlespeeders in TC.

Keegan Myers and Eric Grassa may have taken the holeshot, but it was always going to go to The Lion of LeRoy, Alex Vanias. The WorldTour leader accelerated just over a mile in and waltzed away, riding a smooth tempo in an attempt to save his legs for the Lumberjack 100. His dominance was clear, and it fell to Cody Sovis to head up the chase aboard his All-City Nature Boy, a singlespeed ‘cross bike. His efforts on the front were to control affairs, with teammate Jason Whittaker tucked onto the tail of the 6 man chase group.

Steve Andriese was poised for a move along the Power Section, but the pace from Sovis was just quick enough to discourage anyone to make a move, especially the Singlespeeders. It was Whittaker who broke the stalemate with a move over the last 500 meters of the Power Section, covered almost immediately by Macdermaid and the stream of riders still present and collect.

The group broke up across the sand crossing, with Macdermaid in hot pursuit of Keegan Myers and Grassa still in touch, while Andriese and Whittaker were behind by a handful of seconds, with Sovis dangling. Just before the descent to Anita’s, it was all back on the table with the group coming back together. Macdermaid attacked Anita’s with a small headstart and the SS class was decided. Sovis was able to catch and pass Andriese and Whittaker over the climb, but Andriese reeled him back him before the line.

Macdermaid’s third place on the day and first SS brought him a huge points haul, enough to move him up into third overall. Vanias’ 20 points keep him clipping away, and he’ll look to the Tour to take 60-70 points and establish a comfortable lead. He’ll have to survive a brief run from Sovis, who has Cyclocross Night next week to attempt to cover a 3 point deficit. Rob Goepfrich now sits fourth, with Jon Throop fifth. Jason Whittaker made some in-roads and now holds tenth position.

Alex Vanias 0:37:15 20
Keegan Myers 0:38:55 19
Kyle Macdermaid 0:39:01 36
Eric Grassa 0:39:06 17
Steve Andriese 0:39:14 32
Cody Sovis 0:39:23 30
Jason Whittaker 0:39:33 28
Chad Jordan 0:41:08 13
Jeff Zeller 0:41:41 24
Craig Fortuna 0:41:58 11
Mike Walters 0:42:04 10
Rob Goepfrich 0:42:12 9
Susan Vigland 0:43:06 8
Kaitlyn Patterson 0:43:06 7
Jon Throop 0:43:19 6
Lauri Brockmiller 0:44:06 5
Lars Welton 0:45:10 4
Yensen Schwab 0:45:45 3
Jeff Socia 0:46:32 2
Scott Ostlund 0:47:40 1
Heidi Schwab 0:47:30
Emma Schwab 0:47:35
Melissa Ryba 0:47:45
Tim Coffey 0:47:49
Jason Walter 0:47:53
Ross Clement 0:49:18
Chris Gallagher 0:51:55
Dave Mann 0:54:04
Todd LaBonte 0:56:35
Heidi Jones 1:04:13
Brent DeVries 1:31:42

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