SOL WorldTour: Vanias Back Into Lead After Tour


Second place finisher Ryan Kennedy the biggest mover on the WorldTour after a spectacular July. A final tally of the points from the Speed of Light Tour Competition sees Alex Vanias back into the lead with two months-and another Grand Tour-left to contest.

Cody Sovis, last year’s WorldTour winner, slips back to second place after a subpar showing at the Tour, picking up just 52 points. Ryan Kennedy led the way for the team, jumping up into sixth place and taking in a full 76 points, thanks to scoring second overall, winning the green jersey, and scoring in every competition he was eligible for.

It was the stellar Kaitlyn Patterson who actually picked up the most points, but she was already comfortably ensconced in the top ten and is looking to a run at the podium by the end of the season. She was 8th on GC and easily won the women’s GC, enough for a full 96 points, which puts her third overall.

Kyle Macdermaid’s fourth place at the Tour puts him fourth on points, with Rob G., the Best Old Rider winner, is fifth. Kennedy, Jason Whittaker, Craig Fortuna, Jon Throop and Luke Tjosvold give Einstein Racing a solid showing in the top ten.

There are three WorldTour events on the trot, starting with this Thursday’s Team Time Trial. The third best time from each team will create the final standings, with 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 bonus points to every rider from that team that scores. It’s a ride with some serious pressure on the Einstein Racing contingent to make up ground on Vanias. Vanias should take the full 20, but there’s room for ER to take a few important points.

The next two WorldTour stops are the Eric Pollard Memorial Ride, also known as Snappy Casual Night, where anyone wearing normal clothes, not spandex, score double in the top 20. The last WorldTour event is Random Relay Night, where the times of first and last, second and second to last, third and third to last, etc., are tallied for an aggregate time. You don’t know who your partner will be…until it’s over!

The Vuelta starts on the tail end of August, with the first double-double KOM and Sprint formula in Grand Tour history. Bigger stakes, bigger points gaps, and NEW segments on the course for La Vuelta!

You can see the points from the Tour here.

You can see the complete WorldTour standings here.

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