Speed of Light Tour Competition: Sprint Stage Set

It’s double points for the Power Section for Stage Three. With the GC reduced to a battle for the final podium spot, there will be a lot of pride on the line for riders looking to take something away from the Tour in 2015. With Alex Vanias looking comfortable in the yellow jersey and Ryan Kennedy nursing a lead nearing a minute over teammate Chris Kushman behind him in third, Kyle Macdermaid’s podium bid will fuel the second to last stage.

It’s Kennedy in green by a full 8 points, but with a full 20 on offer, anyone who has scored points in the first two stages still has a shot, with a bit of help. Kushman is tied on ten points with Keegan Myers, with Macdermaid 2 points further back. Vanias has posted the fastest time on the Power Section of all time, and it might be high time he flex his muscles there with a chance to hop into the green jersey as well.

With third place in mind, Einstein Racing has already confirmed that they’ll lend their deep reserves to supporting Kennedy and Kushman hold their places, calling on Jason Lowetz, Jason Whittaker, Cody Sovis and Craig Fortuna to keep the Ks on the podium, and to get Luke Tjosvold over the Boonenberg in good time, to preserve his lead in the Mountains classification.

They also hold a commanding lead over Team OAM Now in the Team Competition, with over 4 minutes in hand as the race leaves the halfway mark. OAM’s team performance is down to dominance from Vanias in yellow and Kaitlyn Patterson’s World Record performance last week on Stage Two.

Rob Goepfrich needs to finish to win another Best Old Rider Competition, in the same boat as Patterson, who seems to be lacking a rival this summer.

There is still plenty to fight for with two stages left, including the infamous Queen Stage finale. Two laps, over an hour of racing for the leaders, and all in the heat and dust of high summer.

Stage Three of the Speed of Light Tour Competition leaves Ec at 6.30, or 6.45 from the Bunker Hill Parking Lot.

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