2016 Speed of Light Giro Competition Stage Three: Bonus Day


In a race separated by just two seconds, this week’s time bonuses could be the difference.

It’s the only stage with time on offer, and it’s all on the line Thursday for the penultimate stage of the Giro Competition. With Jorden Wakeley 2 seconds clear of Alex Vanias, the 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 seconds for the first five riders across could be extremely valuable.

Weather could certainly play a factor, with rain forecasted over night Wednesday and into Thursday morning. It could help with the arid, loose conditions of the course from last week, where a number of sand pits were already in mid-July form. A bit of moisture wouldn’t hurt at all, and we could see times get even faster.

With a bit of luck, Luke Tjosvold should be able to fend off the rivals for his red and blue jerseys for another week, while M22 looks secure in their lead for the Team Competition. They have minutes in hand over Team OAM Now and Hagerty Racing, with Einstein Racing-Short’s Brewing looking desperate in last place. Tjosvold will have to have a special day, and they’ll be looking for a better effort for a second time. Cody Sovis may drop out of the Singlespeed category and opt for gears to put in a better time, especially with no other SSers still in contention to finish. They’re hoping for a Ryan Kennedy appearance, and a miracle.

Rob Goepfrich looks golden for the Best Old Rider competition, and he’ll likely look to lend a hand to teammates in the hunt for a fast team time. Kaitlyn Patterson is well ahead on the women’s GC, with revelation Erica O’Hearn sitting in second place. This could be the biggest finishing field in women’s GC history, if they all can finish the last two stages.

You can check out the June and July Speed of Light schedule here.

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