2016 SOL WorldTour: Singlespeed Night


Kyle Macdermaid claims the crown as the SS King in an exciting night for riders with only one gear. While Jorden Wakeley, Ryan Kennedy and Luke Tjosvold took off a half a mile into the course, all the SS heroes were present and correct as they spilled off Madeleine’s Trail and to the start of the Power Section. Cody Sovis was at the head of things, with Macdermaid, Jason Whittaker, Bryan Warner and Craig Fortuna in tow, with the geared John O’Hearn and Todd Vigland also in touch. Just behind, SSer John Fahey was scrambling to regain the wheels, but couldn’t make up the gap.

It’s a funny thing to have one gear on the Power Section; once up to speed, no one can really attack because they’re already spun out at 19ish mph. The Power Section turned into a three mile stalemate of sorts, with O’Hearn creeping away for a while, with the SSers lined out on Sovis’ wheel. It was a bit like the glaring and posturing of Qui-Gon Jin against Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. With the blast locks down, the battle for the fate of the galaxy endured an almost absurd pause before its ultimate decision.

Yeah, anyway, Wakeley won with Kennedy and Tjosvold finishing in quick succession behind. Macdermaid finished with a flying Braiden Voss, both of whom are now hip to Cody’s jive of attacking into the singletrack of the Wall Bypass and controlling the pace.

Perhaps the ride of the day goes to Bryan Warner, who put in a tremendous effort and challenged with the chase pack from start to finish, and politely didn’t run over Cody on Anita’s Hill. So nice of him.

It was also the first miniSOL, with riders taking on a lollipop 5.5 mile course that includes the assault of Madeleine’s Trail before ascending the backside of Woodchip and back to the SOL start. Over a dozen youths put down their Xbox controllers to shoot for the honor of having taken part in the very first miniSOL. Spearheading the way were Ryan Miller, Kora Voss and future cyclocross World Champion Reese Cummins. Miller sets the first World Record on the course with a 32:15, with Kora Voss not far off the pace. Ethan McKenna and Cummins were neck and neck the whole way, while Peter Worden III (P3 to his friends) rounded up the provisional top five. Ashton Edson, an on-form Grady Ellis and Sander Stuart filled out the top ten.

Next week is Cyclocross Night, with the added bonus of the KEEN Cook-Out afterwards. After that, it’s Ladies Night, with double points for all women!

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The miniSOL results are here. 


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