Speed of Light WorldTour: Ladies’ Night


It was Ladies’ Night, and it was out of sight, according to reports.

Another big turnout for the Big Show, with over 60 riders on the line Thursday night. There were no cross-dressed Steve Andrieses or Brian Beauchamps, but of course, that could be a good thing in the long run. It was a tough night in the dry, dusty and loose conditions that typify the Vasa by late June, but the race was as aggressive as ever.

It was Cody Sovis on the front open affairs, as usual, with Jeff Owens offering a strong pull early that triggered the inevitable whittling process. There were over a dozen riders still in touch as the race curled around to Madeleine’s Trail, with Sovis riding hard to get that rope to finally snap.

It did, and it was Jeff Owens with the scissors. Only his spawn, Cam, and Alex Vanias survived the split, with John O’Hearn and Kaitlyn Patterson bridging at first but spat out the back as the cream of the proverbial crop separated itself over the Power Section. Cody Sovis was on the wrong end of things as well, but was able to give teammate Jason Whittaker a strong wheel the rest of the way.

Patterson easily took the Ladies’ Night win, with Lauri Brockmiller battling with a big group behind to sweep up second place. Kasey Wierzba showed her strength ahead of Shannon Kochis, Amy Dunville and Tiffany Tor, who made her SOL debut.

Also of note, Jason Lowetz set the road bike category record with a 47:45. He also owns the Cruiser class title, two times that may last a long, long while.

miniSOL took off just behind, and even in the sand, Griffin Schwab had no issues going sub-25 minutes on the 5.7 mile course. He held off Peter Worden III, Gavin Ryba and the ride’s most consistent rider, “To The” Max Jordan, who is improving every single week.

All eyes shift to the Tour next week, with Stage One kicking off the biggest Grand Tour of the year and the most points on offer.

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