TNR Update: Group Duh Having Way More Fun


Sources inside Group Duh have confirmed that the second group on the road Tuesday night is, in fact, having more fun. 

Evidence has shown repeated smiling, talking and laughing each week, much to the surprise of A group rides. Incredulous, such body language was largely taken as grimacing, shouting and the nervous expulsion of gas from the mouth whenever spotted. “There’s just no way they’re having that much fun,” commented one A group rider, just moments after cussing out a 14 year old boy for looking backwards in the pace line.

Several riders, including Kathleen Kerr and Nick Perez, have called Group Duh a “good time” and have used the ride to help encourage and instruct other riders, and just have fun. “What is fun? Do you eat it? Can a man learn to fun?” was the reply of another A group rider, stooped low behind his car, deeply massaging his thighs in a thick homemade buttermilk solution, as so many professionals do.

Group Duh leaves TCC at 6 or whatever and there are probably 2-3 more TNRs left, so try it.


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