Local Cyclist Asks Friend To Zwift Outside


With temperatures soaring, local cyclist Devon Wannamaker recently texted a friend to go Zwift outside. Traverse City is experiencing another warm-up, this time with highs in the low 50s throughout the weekend and into the final week of February. The promise of sun and knowing the map won’t stupid, boring Richmond, Wannamaker, a level 34 on Zwift with over 10,000 slices of pizza burned, reached out to his pal to see if they could head out and Zwift Old Mission Peninsula.

“I really like the Volcano expansion, but I don’t think they have that here right now. Still, it will be cool to go ride, ding my bell, and maybe join a ZTR or AgeAge ride Saturday morning. Oh, that reminds me, I need to add my category to my name,” he commented while casually perusing the Zwift Mobile Link and doling out the Ride On!s to people actively riding.

Wannamaker wondered about changing his avatar to wear long sleeves or maybe arm warmers while desperately searching for the ZIPP 808s he just unlocked. “I know those are around here and that they actually exist in real life,” he muttered.

When this was posted, Wannamaker’s friend had replied that he would not be able to ride Saturday because he lives in Denmark and has no idea who Wannamaker is.

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