What Category Mountain Biker Are You?

What MTB Category should you register for?

A few years back, kolo t.c. received a lot of attention (some of it litigatory) about sandbagging. Well, we now have a #SCIENCE answer. 

The topic comes up multiple times over the course of a season, and our friend/contributor/tall person Tim Bottrell finally sat down and solved the problem for everyone. If you honestly don’t know what MTB category you should register for, Tim has designed a flow chart to make your life easier.

A few other things to point out. This category is final; if you race Expert or Elite, you don’t change because the race is longer, harder, hillier, or has more fast people. As the great F#$@(#42 Jack Kline says, “You just have to go out there and take your lumps.” And he’s right.

Tim wears glasses and wears khakis to work, so we’re pretty sure he does #SCIENCE for a living. He’s at least an adult we trust, and this flow chart probably is more thought out than 95% of kolo kontent.

The only topic we’re still debating is with newborns. If you have a kid under 6 months, it MIGHT be okay to race Sport. Of course, having a kid if kind of your own fault. Idiot.

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