2017 Speed of Light WorldTour: All Sorts of Nights


After a rain cancellation last week, this Thursday night, Speed of Light is all sorts of things to all sorts of people. It’s Ladies’ Night, Cyclocross Night, and Vintage Night this Thursday at SOL and miniSOL, making it the perfect night to pick up some valuable points ahead of the Tour Competition next week! The biggest Grand Tour of the year, the Tour will see some of the fastest riders in action for the honor of taking the maillot jaune, if I can find it.

But first, Cyclocross Night sees an opportunity for John O’Hearn to take an unprecedented sweep of the June Classics after taking both the Fat Bike and Singlespeed crowns. He’s successfully ended current second place WorldTour rider Cody Sovis’ two Fat Bike Night wins, and after a strong showing with his SS win, he’s hard to pick against. Expect to see strong cyclocross efforts from O’Hearn, Sovis, Dan Ellis, and Tim Coffey this week.

Last week’s cancellation means we’ll see Susan Vigland, Marie Voss, Lauri Brockmiller, Kasey Wierzba and even more on the start line. It would also be an ideal chance for on-form criterium crushers Valerie Hyrman to make her SOL debut; double points for both women AND cyclocross bikes would be hard to pass up.

Finally, if the 2000s haven’t happened to you yet, good. We’re offering Vintage Night, which we’ve boiled down to two requirements. 1. Your bike has to have 26″ wheels  and 2. It can’t have disc brakes. Sure, that might mean it isn’t actually from the 90s, but we really want to see what people come up with. And yes, that technically means an Electra cruiser with a basket would fit the bill, even if it’s brand new.

O’Hearn holds a 13 point lead over Sovis on the WorldTour, with Wes Sovis, Dan Ellis, Jaden Drews and Jeff Galsterer all lined up and hoping to claw back a point or two at the Tour.

SOL leaves the Bunker Hill Lot at 6:45 every Thursday night. You can #ridetotheride from the Norte Clubhouse at 5.45pm, or join the EXPRESS (we have to go FAST) train at 6pm. kolo t.c. will be manning the repair stand from 4-6pm through Labor Day, so if you need a last minute repair and there is literally no one else available, stop by.


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