2017 Speed of Light Vuelta Competition Preview


This week, the adults take on Stage One of the Vuelta, while the #YOUTHS battle for their own World  Championships. 

The first of four tough stages at Speed of Light get underway this week, with double points to kick off the Mountains classification fight. The KOM segment will be the famous Boonenberg, which was just used for the Tour Competition in July. The third stage will also be for double KOM points as well, making both days extremely important for riders looking to take the category.

The sprinters have to wait until Stage Two for the double points, and they’ll have to wait a long time every week, too. The Go! section will count for Points classification, which almost always provides an interesting problem for those looking to win it. It comes not only over the top of Anita’s, but also after the Boonenberg and ends just before the finish. It’s almost impossible to have anything left in the tank going onto it, and it’s a gamble to do too much to the line and risk losing time.

It’s also the World Championships for both miniSOL and Junior SOL, as the kids head back to school after Labor Day. There is a miniSOL and Junior SOL on the 24th, but it’ll be worth no points and serves as a chance for the newly-minted champions to show their new stripes.

The kids will also be rewarded for their efforts with PIZZA, provided by the Stuarts. It’s a wonderful time to get your kids out for one big day of glory!

SOL leaves the split rail fence at Bunker Hill at 6:45, with all minis and Juniors asked to attend the rider meeting at 6:30.

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