The Peak2Peak Entry Winner Is…


Family, thanks for spreading the word about The Out’n’Back on October 15. 

The Out’n’Back is a well-loved tradition in Traverse City, and over the past few years it’s something we’ve really tried to offer to Icemen and Icewomen from all over in the weeks leading up to the big day.

(Yep, drawing this out.)

On October 15, we’re expecting over 100 riders to make the ride to Kalkaska and back, rolling over the fast gravel roads heading east, and all of the memorable sections of the Iceman Cometh.

(Long winded, I know)

Along the way, we expect to learn plenty about the course. But maybe even more meaningful, dare we say it, is what we learn about ourselves. To delve into our souls, that deep and special place within us that gives us the drive to pedal just a little further, and little harder, a little longer….

(You mad, bro?)

We’d like to thank, Brockmiller Elite Endurance, Breakaway Cafe and Coffee Bar, and of course our favorite race in Thompsonville, Peak2Peak for all of their support. We’ll pick a winner of the Brockmiller strength class punch card on October 8, and we’ll have a Breakaway Cafe gift card courtesy of kolo tc for one lucky person who rides up with us from Breakway on 10/15. Finally, you can get a luxurious ride to the course start in Kalkaska, just by signing up for the newsletter here. We’ll offer 8 spots for the #AdventureHub on October 8.

(Thanks for reading this far)

Without further ado, congrats to David Hagan for winning a FREE entry to Peak2Peak on October 21! David was randomly selected by picking a number between one and 70, the number of shares. He was the 12th person to post!

David, send an email to for more info on your entry, and congrats!

Best of luck to everyone racing at Peak2Peak, and let’s get ready for race day with the most fun Out’n’Back of all-time.

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