Friday Night Lights at Brew 11/17


This Friday, we’re going back to fat with the first big night ride of the year, and it’s all for a darn good cause, too. 

With the woods armed and dangerous for the opening weekend* of firearm season, we’re going to the Commons for the first FNL of 2017. We are rolling from Brew at 5:30pm** for a low-key, laid-back cruise behind the State Hospital. All speeds and abilities welcome, just make sure you’ve got a helmet and a #SOLID headlight.

We’ll be back to Brew by 6:45 for ‘recovery’ drinks in the form of Short’s Brewing. 100% of the SBC sales from the night go to Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association and Michigan Mountain Bike Association, the people that keep our trails kicking ass.

On behalf of NMMBA, we want to thank Brew and Short’s Brewing for making this happen. How can you thank them? By being there, and by bringing a friend***. Don’t have a friend? Walk up to a stranger over the age of 21 and offer to buy them a beer. BOOM. You’ll have a friend, and you’ll be helping the trails.

It’s looking like the snow will hold off for Friday, so any MTB should work, no problem.

  • *”But we’re riding after dark!”. Yeah, you’d THINK that’d be safe, but the opening Friday of firearm season is a Busch Light-fueled free-for-all. To be a well-lit rustle in the underbrush is to be the target of several sauced-up Elmer Fudds with a twitchy finger. The hunter-per-square-foot ratio for that weekend is about 1 in 7; they typically have to discuss their overlapping fields of fire like a Vietnam firebase.
  • **5:30 means 5:30, punks. Late? You’re on your own to somehow navigate the one-mile journey to the Commons. Or, you can just meet us over there.
  • ***You could also buy yourself some dinner. Sean, you owe me dinner now. That was a FREE PLUG, man. I’ll take a Tree Hugger. Thanks.

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