ZWIFT Unveils Virtual Out’n’Back Course!

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That’s right, virtual training software developer Zwift has just opened up an incredibly realistic map of the Iceman Cometh Challenge Out’n’Back ride. 

The new course, released this morning at Zwift’s San Francisco headquarters, offers  5,000 Iceman racers and millions of people around the world a chance to ride the 40 mile Out’n’Back year-round! The map was developed over the past three years, coming quickly on the heels of the creative genius of the Richmond course. If you thought Richmond was fun, this is going to blow your mind!

The map is life-like, dynamic and features many of the real-life experiences that make the almost talismanic confidence of the ride come alive on your indoor trainer. Like all Out’n’Backs, your ride will start three minutes later than you want because Kennedy is running behind.  There has already been very smart patch that has been adjusted the delay to five minutes by developers since “Mr. President” has a baby now.

There is also a built-in pee stop in Kalkaska, giving you a chance to hop off and get yourself ready for a white-knuckle, two-track ride back to Timber Ridge. Along the way, you’ll hit all the famous sections like JZ’s Party Zone, Make It Stick and the Boonenberg. Get ready to lay down the (virtual) power on Sand Lakes and on the Vasa 25km. There’s even a built-in trigger that causes you to slow down whether you want to or not when you reach the famously backed-up singletrack sections!

And those ever-changing re-routes? Not a problem. Zwift has created a virtual (and shirtless!) Tom White that hangs out in the woods and changes the course randomly throughout the year! There’s always a new Wall Bypass, a different way around Water Bottle Hill, and a re-imagined finish into Timber Ridge to keep you on your toes. Just make sure to wave and ding your bell at that shirtless TW avatar when you go by!

You can check out a video of the Zwift Iceman Out’n’Back here. 

The rest of this post is only for Zwift.

Hey Zwift. 

You’re probably wondering what we’re talking about here. The Iceman is a bike race (outside) that 5,000 people pay $100 to do every single year. I know you didn’t ask me to mention your product, but I did, and I have to assume all of these people are going to download your software looking for this map. Why? Because we take the Iceman seriously. Very seriously. 

If you’d like to pay me for this incredible plug, my contact information is available on this site. Oh, see you on Watopia later today. 



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