Iron Fish Distillery Fat Chance Fat Bike Race at Crystal Mountain


It doesn’t get more OG than this one. Head to the metropolis of Thompsonville for the 200th edition of the Fat Chance Fat Bike Race. 

Fat Chance was almost the Inauguration Race. Originally, the first edition of the race was slated for the very same day as Barack Obama’s inauguration. The organizers were feeling pretty pleased with themselves until a more forward-thinking mind (Jason Whittaker’s wife, Arianne) pointed out that the name of the race would only make sense every four years. Since it was going to be an annual affair, somehow, it was switched to Fat Chance, and the world hasn’t looked back since.

The race returned to its roots in 2017, opting to move back to 2 mile Otter Loop after a few seasons trying to make “fetch” (in this case, represented as a longer, almost impossible to groom for fat bike course) happen. Fetch could have happened, but it was a massive strain on groomers and super lame for spectators. Luckily, the Otter Loop offers short laps and plenty of opportunities for fun, heckling, Twizzlers, high fives, cookies, hot cocoa, and other shenanigans.

Chris Remy, yes, THAT Chris Remy, takes the helm for the 2018 edition. The race picked up the support of nearby Iron Fish Distillery, who have started weekly Thursday night fat bike rides at Crystal Mountain that end up back at the bar for refreshments. It’s a partnership that just makes a lot of sense, and has resulted in a thriving fat bike scene at the Mountain as a result.

And Crystal Mountain is an incredible spot for a race. There may not be a more accommodating venue around, and there is plenty to do make a weekend of it if you so choose.

Plenty of details about the race right here. 

Registration is open here! 

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