Kicking Off 2018 with Southern Cross


You know what the ideal way to kick off a race season is? Race in the beginning of March. After a week-long training camp. You’ll do just fine. That’s exactly what Wes is doing on March 3, when he’ll line up for the 2018 edition of the masochistic gravel event called Southern Cross.

Taking place in Dahlonega, Georgia, the race serves up over 6,000 vertical feet of climbing in just 55 miles of mostly dirt roads. The course is characterized by two enormously long climbs, punctuated by their corresponding descents. Adding to the thrills will be a few sections of singletrack just to keep everyone on their toes.

Headlining the event are two former professional riders that you may have heard of – George Hincapie and Matthew Busche. Lance Armstrong and Christian Vandevelde have also participated in the race in year’s past, but no word yet as far as their registration status for 2018.

Wes is riding down to Georgia with the TC contingent of the 3T + Q+M Cycling Team, SEAN KICKBUSH and Cody Sovis. A sizeable portion of the pajama-themed, Michigan-based team will be on hand in Georgia to escape the wind and snow of Michigan for a week and get some base miles in and some positives vibes out before the Michigan race season begins in earnest.

So, what’s the rig for the race? Wes will be aboard an All-City Macho King with custom Velocity Ailerons with Panaracer Gravel Kings. The decision to run a 44T Absolute Black oval chainring and an 11/28 cassette setup shows that this 1x setup will certainly be influenced by the extremely hilly course.

Stay tuned for more racing news, as we debate fielding Tim Bottrell for the Beard of Zeus Fat Bike Race, also scheduled for 3/3, except way closer than the race in Georgia.

Be sure to follow kolo tc on Instagram to see photos of SEAN sleeping in the van on the drive down.

A huge thank you to our kolo tc sponsors for your support in making the trip happen. Wes will try not to embarrass you in the race.

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