You Need To Join The Gentlemen’s Club

Dudes and dudettes, please, join kolo t.c. on Strava for all the rides. Here’s why.

So much is lost in translation. We’re pretty sure wars, disagreements, four-way intersections, and most divorces could be a lot simpler and enjoyable (especially the divorces) with clear, consistent communication. Having a straightforward resource for bike rides is sort of a pipe dream, but we’re trying to make it happen by moving ALL ride information exclusively to Strava.

It’s happened to you. In a text thread, and email thread, or a long and obnoxious thread on MyFace, you’ve missed a change in ride time. Or, somebody wanted to do 33 miles, not 34. Or they want to meet for the ride by the PortaJohns behind iHop instead of the at Breakaway Cafe. Why? We don’t know. But those days of missed rides, unclear routes, or too flexible paces are over, at least ’round these parts. We will post all rides on Strava so that PortJohn situation never happens again.

How Bike Rides Work

We’ll post a ride, a route, a meeting place, and a pace using the event feature on Strava. All of that information is available for you to see and make a decision if you’d like to join. And we hope you do! Plenty of the rides will be tempo, or ‘Gentlemen’s Rules’. For us, Gent’s Rules means we’ll be rolling at a steady, quick pace but not racing. No attacks, no random sprints, and a gentle paceline. That said, it also means we don’t stop on hills to regroup, and we adopt the George W. Bush rule of getting dropped. I believe it was just before the Iraq War when our “Decider” said, “Drop me once, shame on….you…drop me twice…can’t get dropped again”.

‘Race Pace’ is exactly that, the pace of a race, which means people WILL get dropped. Think TNR and Speed of Light. ‘Casual’ means no-drop, all abilities, and there may or may not be a coffee stop.

All you need to do to stay in the loop is join the Gent’s Club on Strava. Note: It’s called the Gent’s Club before we couldn’t think of anything else, and “klan” is in even worse taste. Guys and gals are encouraged to join. Seriously, don’t take it too seriously. You’ll get notifications for new rides, reminders before those rides, plus posts featuring deals and specials from our sponsors. We’ll also use Strava to call on folks to help for our fundraisers, get in on fantasy cycling leagues, plus stay up-to-date with the #YOUTHS at Norte and Velo Kids.

Clear, effective communication. It’s our promise to you, so you’ll never miss a ride again.


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