2018 Split The Mitt: More Miles, Less Cancer

Less Cancer

Bikes can do some pretty amazing things. On June 23 and 24, they’re going to help prevent cancer, a few hundred miles at a time. 

For yet another year, LessCancer.org is hosting Split The Mitt, a two-day bike tour from Flint, Michigan to Traverse City. The 238-mile journey is a long, long ride, but the effort is well supported. All the little details, from transportation to lodging to mapping, are all taken care of; we just need more people to ride and more people to donate.

Since 2004, LessCancer has worked to raise prevention as an integral part of addressing cancer. While a cure is needed, many cancers are preventable and working towards educating best practices, regulations, and offering information is a cost-effective way of reducing the rising rates of cancers. Until we have a cure, prevention efforts may be the very best way to protect individuals and families.

Keen Technical Solutions and the Dirt Church dudes have been rallying the troops to get Traverse City to show its support for the Less Cancer mission, and we’re in to help. We had a high-stakes game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and I’ll be heading to Flint for my first-ever multi-day bike tour. You can donate to the Keen team’s fundraising efforts for Less Cancer right here.

Keen is still looking for more riders, but if you can’t commit to one or both days, you can still help. No, you won’t get to camp out under the stars or eat Aaron Powers’ world-famous paella, but you’ll still be helping Less Cancer move the mission of cancer prevention forward.

You can also join us at the Cancer Prevention & Survivors’ Picnic on Sunday, June 24 from 2-4pm to welcome all the riders to Traverse City after the long ride. We’ll also be at Workshop Brewing Company at 8pm for The Steel Wheels, with 100% of donations at the show going to Less Cancer.

Ready to ride? You can sign up for one or both days of the ride right here, with plenty of the nitty-gritty spelled out for you.




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