Racing for Home is This Weekend!

Increase your quantities of stoke, as the FUNdraiser race of the summer is here! Racing for Home makes its debut on our calendars and in your hears on Sunday, June 10, at 45 North Vineyard & Winery. Racers of all abilities will do laps around the picturesque vines, and take in a challenging, yet rewarding course that only Leelanau County can offer.

Money raised will go to Habitat for Humanity – Grand Traverse Region, which means the cash you and your family splash on this race will stay in our area, helping our friends and neighbors in need.

The course itself is a short, but punchy 3.2 mile track with 300 vertical feet of climbing each lap. You’ll hardly notice the climbs, because you’ll be surrounded by some of the most gorgeous views around, and amply rewarded with some of the best wines and ciders on offer IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Get out there today to pre-ride it for yourself! Here’s more on the trail, if’n you want more details.

There are beginner, sport, and pro classes, so you’re guaranteed to have a fun, competitive race on your hands. Get yourself signed up here. Follow the race’s FB page for details throughout the week. If you can’t make the race, but still want to help out Habitat for Humanity, donate here.

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