2018 miniSOL and Junior SOL Tour Competition Stage Two by Will Unger


It was the mountain stage:  the downhillers looked back on why their bikes are so heavy, the weight weenies left that second water bottle at home, and the #YOUTHS got the pleasure of comparing their times on the hills to their parents’. With 20 points up for grabs, the Vasa CC Climb and The Bonenberg would play a huge role in the overall standings.

The start was slower than usual; the majority of the #YOUTHS played it cool in order to save energy for the KOM’s. Hunter Frank settled into first position, Max Werner was in Second, and Drew Cummins was close behind in third. When Wunger hit the Vasa CC Climb, he ramped up the speed and overtook the three of them in an attempt to take home the 10 mountain points. After his all-out effort, he slowed down to recover and Hunter overtook him.

Shortly after Woodchip Hill, Wunger took a wrong turn before the single track. Luckily, it only cost him 1 place to Kyan Olshove and a couple cents in the curse jar. On the Power Section, Wunger still hadn’t fully recovered, so Max Werner and Nate Madion passed him. On the Bonenberg, Wunger hit it once again in attempt to claim another 10 mountain points. Hunter Frank also made a notable attempt and the two sat in 7th and 15th on the leaderboard for the adults times that day.  Nearly two minutes back, Norte’s Will Haap and Drew Cummins were pacelining and advancing on Wunger.

In the Junior SOL race, Kyan Olshove rode on to finish first with a time of 40:53, Nate Madion was second with a time of 42:13, and Hunter Frank was third with a time of 42:16. Junior SOL honorable mentions goes to Max Werner for putting the drop bars aside and making his not so roadie Speed Of Light Debut.

In the Mini SOL race, Kendall Standfest finished first with a time of 26:20, Tyler Standfest was second with a time of 26:31, and Jamo Schmidt finished third with a time of 29:02. Mini SOL honorable mentions goes to Grady Ellis for a VERY close fourth place finish with a time of 29:03!

In Junior SOL, Wunger managed to collect the full 20 points from the mountains. In the Overall, he is still in the lead with 60 points, Kyan is in second with 33 points, and Drew Cummins is in third with 32 points.  

In the Mini SOL overall, Grady Ellis is leading with 40 points, Jamo Schmidt is in second with 23 points, and Kendall Standfest is in third with 20 points.

After a low turnout on Stage One, we’re going to run miniSOL and Junior SOL in a new way. Riders can use their best 3 times for GC; if they make all 4 stages, they can use their fastest three. Miss one of the first two stages? Show up for the next two and you’re still in!

The Junior SOL overall standings can be found right here.

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The Mini SOL overall standings can be found right here.

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