HUGE NEWS! Speed of Light Helps Unveil New VST on August 9


For the first time ever, we’re taking Speed of Light on the road. Well, not the road, the singletrack. Still dirt. 

The rumors are true; on August 9th, Speed of Light will head to the Supply Road parking lot to help Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources cut the ribbon (in half!) on the Vasa Singletrack. NMMBA’s two-year project to update, re-route, and improve the Supply Road singletrack is nearly complete, and we’re celebrating with a little ceremony and a big-time trial.

As always, the event is totally free. We’ll have one million calories-worth of paella courtesy of Keen Technical Solutions and beer for those who are of legal age from Short’s Brewing Company.

To keep it fast and safe, we’re doing the first ever Speed of Light time trial. Riders will be released in 30-second intervals, starting in order of the WorldTour standings. Riders without WorldTour points will start afterward at 10-second intervals. Because it’s such a big night, the WorldTour points will start at 25, -1 through the top 25.

Junior SOL will start mixed in with the adults, while miniSOL will do the Kinglet Loop. They’ll start together after all the adults and Juniors have left.

The night is a big one; we need to show the DNR how important our trails are to our community, so bring everyone you know. Also, you really don’t understand how much paella we’re going to have. It’s a ton. It would take two men or several cyclists to lift it.

It’s a chance for the very best bike handlers to show their stuff, and a way to bring everyone together to see the new look of the VST!


When: Thursday, August 9 at SIX pm. Not 6:30. 6pm. 6PM.
Who: Everyone!
Why: To open the retouched and refreshed Vasa Singletrack
How: Quickly

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