2018 Speed of Light miniSOL and Junior Team Time Trial Night by Will Unger


It was Team Time Trial night! The teams got to play some serious #TACTICALS and the solo riders got the advantage of not worrying about dropping teammates. The last rider of each team to cross the line is the time that counts. The team with the fastest time is rewarded with 10 points for each rider. There were three teams: Team Norte Aero Tuck (Kyan Olshove, Drew Cummins, Brody Day, and Wunger), Team Norte Duh (Will Haap, Reese Cummins, and Carter Debruyn), and Team Norte Tres (Sage Day, Gwen Urbane, and Arie Ramoie).

Right off the start, Hunter Frank settled into first place. Kyan Olshove, Wunger, and Drew Cummins weren’t far behind. The team mutually agreed that due to their team roster, they just needed to replicate the results of previous weeks to win. Consequently, Kyan took off to catch Hunter. When Wunger got caught by Carter Schmidt on the Vasa CC climb, he knew he had to beat him for third if he wanted to maintain his overall lead. Drew Cummins settled into a paceline with a couple Einstein riders. It was the perfect setup for Wunger to maintain the overall lead: He could hold Carter’s wheel AND they could win the team competition. At this time, Will Haap, Reese Cummins, and Carter Debruyn were pacelineing in attempts to catch Brody Day. Nearing The Power Section, Wunger attacked and dropped Carter. Wunger flew through The Power Section until he clipped a pedal and lost about 20 seconds on Carter. He hopped back on his bike and barely avoided getting caught.

At this point, Brody caught up to Drew. On Anita’s Hill, Wunger got caught by Carter and the two formed a paceline. Brody attacked on Anita’s and he put a 30-second gap on Drew. Nearing the finish, Carter and Wunger were still neck and neck. On the final downhill as Carter started to pull away from Wunger, he dropped his chain. Wunger slowed down to see if he was alright and then sprinted up the final riser to take third with a time of 44:04. In second was Hunter Frank with a time of 43:19 and Kyan Olshove placed first with a time of 39:23. In the team competition, Team Norte Aero Tuck prevailed taking 10 points. In the Junior SOL overall, Wunger is still in the lead with 153 points. Drew Cummins is in second with 107 points, and despite his absence, Max Werner is in third with 92 points.

In the Mini SOL race, Jamo Schmidt took first with a time of 26:19, Porter Kochis was in second with a time of 27:03, and Ben Burley placed third with a time of 28:00. In the overall, Grady Ellis is in the lead with 60 points, Jack Klau is in second with 43 points, and Ben Burley is in third with 40 points.

Tonight is VST Time Trial from the Vasa Supply Road Singletrack at 6pm.

The Junior SOL overall standings are here.

The Mini SOL overall standings are here.

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