2018 Speed of Light WorldTour: ‘Something Cool’ Dominates TTT


It wasn’t really close. At all. 

John O’Hearn and Sam Holmes called in some reinforcements ahead of a run at the Team Time Trial. Jordan Wakeley made his return to SOL after a month or two floating around the river, and he made sure everyone knew about it.

The night also saw the return of Cam Owens, and both fresh faces were present and correct when the race exploded over the early climbs. The TTT always offers a refreshing mix, with riders changing pace to keep teammates in touch. kolo t.c.’s squad saw Cody and Dan Ellis waiting for Wes over the Vasa CC Climb, and as they looked back, Wakeley, O’Hearn, Holmes, both Owens, Ty Schmidt, Chris Kushman, and Brad Pauly made the split.

The pace soon saw those last three riders distanced, and they found themselves dangling just behind the leaders and just ahead of a hard-charging kolo t.c. train. With Wes safely over Wood Chip, Dan Ellis and Cody Sovis slowly upped the pace, with a long line of riders tucked into the wheels. The leaders were long gone, with one of the fastest times of the year coming at just over 36 minutes. They were so far ahead that Wakeley dropped his teammates and left them to their own devices, which was still plenty fast to take the win.

Behind, Cody Sovis was nailed to the front, urging the group on. The well-oiled machine many expected from kolo never got on the rails, and the team lost over two minutes on the evening. The wheels came off late as their group spilled onto the final two climbs. Wes eased his way through traffic over the Boonenberg, but the lights went out on Anita’s and the kolo riders were left behind a big group who sauntered ahead to the line. Still, it was enough to take second and a fine show of commitment to the team.

The only equal in that department was the total dedication by ERSB. Jaden Drews and Steve “Love Is A” Lagerquist were called in to give Jeff Galsterer a hand, and they didn’t disappoint. The duo pulled Jeff around with a degree of fervor last seen during the time of the Flagellants, never leaving him for a second and helping him pick up an important 7 points.

Team Smiley was just ahead of them on the time of Susan Vigland, with Brian Beauchamp and Todd Vigland filling out the roster. Susan wasn’t the only woman to score in the TTT, either; Norte’s Gwen Urbain, Sage Day, and Arie Ramoie combined to make up Norte Tres!

Norte scored with three other teams as well, with Ty Schmidt, Steve Haskin, and Brad Pauly representing the adults. Will Unger, Brody Day, and Drew Cummins comprised Norte Aero Tuck, while Reese Cummins, Carter DeBruyn, and Will “YES I STILL RIDE BIKES” Halpaala put in a strong showing as well.

The WorldTour points are updated, and remember, they serve as the start list for next week’s VST Time Trial from the Vasa Supply Road Singletrack at 6pm. Line up in as close to this order as possible!

The WorldTour standings are here.

All the Speed of Light results are here.

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