2018 SOL WorldTour: Juniors and miniSOLers Shred The New-Look VST by Will Unger


The VST TT ribbon cutting may have been the most epic, sick-nasty, gnarly SOL event yet! 

The new rad-tastic VST loop coupled with paella and a golden sombrero was the perfect combination for a great night in the woods. Huge thanks to NMMBA for putting in an insane amount of time over the past two years to re send-ify the single track. Also kudos to Keen for helping put on one heck of a party! Wit


h the presence of the Michigan DNR, the event had the opportunity to really show the world (or the state of Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources) what the Traverse City mountain biking scene has to offer.

The new VST is fast, really fast. Some notable changes that contribute to speed and flow of the single track is the removal of the VST climb and the addition of Evenflow, Ditch Pickle, and Tingling Bits. The new sections contain rollers, berms, and multiple amazing outlooks of lakes. The new VST has beautiful views and is a blast to ride.

By the time the Juniors were lined up, the start intervals were down to 10 seconds. Hunter Frank was the first to go, then Wunger, then Drew Cummins. The pressure was on for Wunger. With Hunter catching up in the overall, Wunger had to do well in order to maintain his lead. With most of the Norte Riders STILL in recovery mode from Cherry Roubaix, Hunter had the upper hand (he’s also just stupid fast).  

During the race, a few people took a wrong turn and Wunger’s strava failed so the timing is based on the “VST Post 7 to Post 10” segment. In Junior SOL, Hunter Frank placed first with a time of 8:58, Wunger placed second with a time of 9:16, and Will Haap placed third with a time of 9:42.  

In the Junior SOL overall, Wunger is in the lead with 167 points, Drew Cummins is in second with 114 points, and Max Werner is in third with 92 points. In the Mini SOL overall, Grady Ellis is leading with 70 points, Jack Klau is in second with 43 points, and Ben Burley is in third with 40 points.

Next week, The SOL Vuelta begins, leaving from The Split Rail Fence at 6:30.

The Junior SOL overall standings are here.

The Mini SOL overall standings are here.

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