Christmas Services: + Dirt Church on December 23

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Your house is decorated, your in-laws are in town, the kids are having meltdowns on sugar cookies and candy canes, and your AmEx is maxed out. You need a bike ride.

And Dirt Church is offering you something extra-special (and without sugar plums) on Sunday, December 23. Spend Christmas Eve Eve at the Vasa Supply Road Parking lot for special holiday services with a bit of extra spice from Mike, Dan, and the guys will have their famous #AdventureHub pulled up and loaded up with coffee, cookies, and all their stuff to make your morning and spirits bright.

The regular Church service will start at 9am, with a 90-120 minute fat bike ride taking off in two very different groups. The Flagellants will be going fast; you will almost certainly get dropped, and spend a few miles soul-searching solo, at least for a little while. The Penitents will offer a no-drop, more forgiving ride, with a roughly 60 minute ride time to hit most of the Winter Sports Trail.

We’ve got a special challenge for you, too. To celebrate the fact that the WST isn’t just for fat bikes, we’re looking to get everyone to ski or snowshoe, too. Ride for 30 minutes, and either ski or snowshoe for 30 minutes, and you’ll get a special code from for a #HOTT deal on a Fat Wheelie Mount or Gondola of your choice.

One of the coolest things we’ve got cooking in northern Michigan is the plethora of options for having fun during the winter. We’re hoping to help highlight just a few options to mix in with your Zwiftin’ and BEEin’ from November through March. Get inside. Get outside. Just get moving.

The event is, of course, always free. You will not be required to sing Christmas carols, but hey, go ahead if you want.

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