2018 Gift Guide: What To Get Me

Every website in the world sends out an annual holiday guide on what to get the *blank* on your list. This is not that article. This is an article for what to get me, Cody Sovis, for Christmas.

I’ve been doing these gifts guides for years, and I don’t think you guys quite get it. While it may say ‘presents for anyone’ or ‘hottest cycling gifts of the year’, those are and always have been thinly veiled pleas for the exact item (often denoted with appropriate size and/or color). This isn’t hypothetical; I want this stuff. Okay, let’s get into it.

  1. WTB Byways 47. Thanks to a Herculean effort from the entire Ellis family and Sweet Bikes down in Canton, I’ve got my 3T Discus Plus 650 wheels ready to rock for this winter and next season. My goal next year is to ride one bike all season once the snow is gone, and to do that, I’m going to need to get the most out of my three wheelsets. The game plan is to run 28 slicks on the roads and then hop on some Byways for Speed of Light, gravel, and general training. And they have skinwalls. So. I haven’t seen a local shop with these in stock recently, so go have somebody order them. Support local.

  2. 45NRTH Xerxes. I really want to get out on my 3T more this winter, but the combination of dark+ice always convinces me to not to. After having little-to-pointless health insurance, I’ve finally got some decent coverage, but I’m not in a hurry to see what my deductible is. Also, what’s a deductible?

  3. Norte Winter Hat. I finally got around to buying one at Ladies’ Night (I was down there for work, I swear) when IRMA BROWNLEY bought the last one, right in front of me. We haven’t spoken since; mostly because I haven’t seen her, but the schism feels real. Anyone, Norte gifts are the best because the ca$h goes to support a great cause, and orange really matches my season.

  4. Crank Bros. Candy Pedals. Out of a sick and twisted loyalty, I will always run these pedals. Sure, they last about 3 months. Sure, they squeak like an indicted Trump campaign worker. No, they don’t have any useful adjustment. But when they do work, they’re my favorite pedal, they’re easy on the one knee I have left (and the knee that I don’t have left), and hey, they come in my favorite color, black.

  5. 3T Head Thingy. I’ve got a lot of buffs, but just the fact that it’s 3T AND called a Head Thingy makes this a solid buy.

  6. World Peace. I’m just putting this here because otherwise, this post might look selfish. Might. 

  7. Hardcover Edition “SAGAN: My World”.While I’ve learned that books written by cyclists aren’t usually that insightful, interesting, or fun to read, I’m expecting Sagan’s to be the best…because he’s Peter Sagan.

  8. Revelate Tangle Frame Bag. This is just a poke at Jeff Socia to give mine back. He borrowed it four months ago.

  9. Earbuds. Just cheap earbuds, man. I don’t need to find out how long it will take me to lose those ridiculous Airpods, but if I had to guess, I’d say about ten minutes. With all this indoor riding, I sweat through the little microphone on the cord, and then I can’t switch songs, and then I have a meltdown when I get dropped by a “138 pound” 6’2, 58-year-old from Belgium on the Epic KOM. It’s a causal thing.

  10. Plane Ticket To Tucson. Because as much as I love fat biking and skiing, I like not being depressed more. 

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