Can You Smell What Kolo is Cookin’?

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How the eff is it the end of 2018? Seems like just yesterday I was setting a New Years resolution to lose 15lbs. and use my smartphone less and now I’m making those same gosh-darned resolutions. Crazy. Nothing gold can stay, Pony Boy. Life comes at you fast.

On the flip side, we’re pretty stoked about 2019. Aside from finally losing those 15 extra pounds, we have a gazillion projects in the hopper with a whole bunch of cool people. And we also have a whole bunch of new people wearing our jerseys on our bike team/club/cult. So, what are we doing over the holidays? Staying really busy. Here’s how.

Bike Benzie’s Up North Fondo and Tour

Our buddy Bill from the Benzie Sunrise Rotary got in touch about updating the website for Bike Benzie – SWEEET. If you’ve never done this fundraiser, make this the year. Bill and his team of volunteers have recruited Iron Fish Distillery to help put on the best fundraising event you can do in spandex. We’ll give you a shout when their new site goes live before January 1 so you can get registered.


We’re going to have some bike racers on a “team.” We’ll announce our line-up when their previous contracts expire on January 1. We’re going to have kolo kits for sale in mid-January, so save all the gift receipts from your shitty presents this Christmas, return the presents, and have some cash ready for some #SICK (and affordable!) kit in a few weeks.


We made a t-shirt with our friends at Alfie Logo Gear. It’s gnarly. We like it. We’ll have those for sale on the website. YUM, CAPITALISM.

Fundraisers for 2019

Our first fundraiser will be in late January at Yen Yoga. We’re working with a non-profit, which we’ll announce soon, but that doesn’t mean we won’t do a fundraiser for a non-profit you love. Want us to help give your group money? Email us.

Race Some Friggin’ Bikes

Fat Chance is at Crystal Mountain on January 20th. It’s our favorite obese bike race and it always has been. Iron Fish Distillery is joining the fun, so we hope to see you and your team at Crystal. You can register for the bike party here.

Can’t wait to see you on the road and trails in 2019. Follow us on FB, Insta, and join us on Strava for all the latest. Be excellent to each other.

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