We’re Gonna Get Weir’d This Year

andy weir.JPGandy weir.JPG

We’re so pumped to add a spectacular looking individual to our #QUADSQUAD in 2019. Andy Weir joins us for a season of racing, rides, and just plain changing the world while looking stunning in spandex.

Andy brings a wealth of experience to the team and is a contender on any kind of terrain. He’ll get plenty of support from Wes at gravel and mountain bike races, and will play them team card in our efforts to help Dan Ellis to the top step at races like Arcadia Grit and Gravel and Race for Home.

andy and the fam.jpgandy and the fam.jpg

Andy is also active with Norte, and you’ll likely see him and his fam cruising TC’s street in the summertime on their way to the beach or ice cream, looking like a family straight out of an Apple commercial or something. It’s so adorable. I can barely stand it.

Be sure to introduce yourself when you see Andy on the road and on the trails this season. You won’t find a nicer guy with more enthusiasm for the woods, the ride, and the experience of bike riding – and few much faster, either. We’re really excited to having Andy on the team and can’t wait to have his help putting out the vibe in TC cycling community.

Be sure to stalk Andy on Instagram and follow his (very impressive) rides on Strava.

Kolo is on FB, Instagram, and we’d love to have you join our club on Strava. Be sure to check out our sponsors who help us make this all happen.

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