Fundraiser to Benefit Child & Family Services // Sunday, February 24th @ 11am


Get this one on your calendars, folks. It’ll be a good one. The fine folks at Yen Yoga & Fitness are letting us take over their cycling studio to raise some money for Child & Family Services on Sunday, 2/24 at 11am. This will be a donation-based class, meaning attendees are welcome to donate any amount of money to take the class; 100% of the proceeds of the class will go directly to Child & Family Services. Who knew raising money in spandex while riding nowhere could be so easy?

Why We’re Doing This Fundraiser

You’d be forgiven for thinking that everyone in our beautiful area Up North are doing just fine. In reality, C&FS are far busier than anyone would care to imagine. Under C&FS expertise, and with our communities’ generous support, the impact this organization has had on the youth and their families has been staggering;

  • 40,000 hours of community service performed by YouthWork

  • 105 children place in foster care families

  • 2,641 counseling sessions from licensed therapists

  • 111 teens received support from caring Youth Services counselors

*These numbers are just between 2017-2018. Yikes.

Why this matters to us (and to you)

While these numbers are as impactful as they are disheartening, C&FS’s impact in our area is much more than just a list of metrics. Having their resources, knowledge, and selflessness in our community is as imperative now as it will be in the years and decades to come.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting the hard-working men and women at C&FS by giving them the resources they need to fulfill their lives’ work of ensuring children and families have someone to fall back on when they need them most.

You can register for this donation-based class at Yen Yoga & Fitness here.

Can’t make class? Please consider donating to C&FS here.

If you can’t join us for cycling or can’t spare anything for this cause, helping us spread the word about this class and this cause would mean more to us than you’d know. Share on social media, at your places of work and worship, and help us put out the vibe for one of the hardest-working non-profits in Northern Michigan.

Be sure to follow Child & Family Services on Facebook to see how your donation helps our friends and neighbors in need first-hand.

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