Racing Jane: Cody and Wes vs. Their Mother

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I used to be a pretty serious athlete. I’ve been in the top 30 at Iceman. I’ve finished in the top 20 at Barry-Roubaix. I made the top ten at Lowell 50. I’ve won Cherry-Roubaix. 

Now, I’m racing my mom. And it won’t be easy. 

Starting this Friday, November 29, I’m racing Jane. Friday is her birthday, and we’re using it as a chance to kickstart a healthy start to the holiday season with a challenge. My mom is going to start exercising again, saddling up to ride the bike paths of Orlando, Florida. Here in the soon-to-be-frozen north, Wes and I are going to run. Our combined miles jogging versus Jane’s riding miles. Let’s do this. 

We’re making it interesting, too. For this challenge, we’re asking you to donate $1 for every mile we run or ride. Donate to Jane’s miles, to Wes’ miles, to my miles, or go crazy and support all three! All money will go to, a cancer prevention organization that I’ve worked with for two years now and that’s really important in the crucial mission of supporting individuals and communities against cancer. They offer education and advocacy across the country and host the National Cancer Prevention Workshop each February. 

It’s a really good time to get moving and get active. Jane is just recovering from nearly a year of health issues that made walking and riding really uncomfortable. After all of that, she’s back in the game. It’s also a tough time for her being away from family; from Thanksgiving, her birthday, Christmas and New Year’s, it’s a lot of holidays that we don’t get to spend together. This is kind of a neat way to stay connected. 

There are going to be just a few rules, though. First, Wes and I can’t run more than two days in a row, just as much for our old, rickety joints as to keep it fair. Second, only rides from this Friday to next Friday count, which means the competition ends at midnight on December 6. Finally, any appeals will be directed to Less Cancer founder Bill Couzens, because that just seems fair. 

We’re going to give back, too. Everyone who donates will be eligible to win two tickets to Dark Water, a new movie starring dreamboat/activist Mark Ruffalo as Rob Bilot. Rob is a LessCancer board member and a pioneer in the fight against PFAs. The film follows his two-decade fight against Dupont for covering up years of contamination. Rob is also the author of Exposure, his book about the same fight. Read it. It’ll really piss you off. Seriously. 

You can watch for nightly updates on mileage every night from Friday to Friday. To learn more about the cause, head to and make sure you join us June 7 for the Less Cancer Bike Ride right here in Traverse City, Michigan. 

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