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Over at kolo t.c., we’re slowly getting through the sugar cookie induced hangover (which is a real thing) and gearing up for a big 2020. This is handy State of the Union ahead of the next season. 

We’re Going To Ride More. But smarter-er. We’re going to be hosting rides on behalf of a number of local non-profits and invite you to ride, donate, and get involved. In fact, every cent of money from our sponsors this year will be going directly to one of our community partners. From Norte to, we’re raising ca$h and awareness to causes near and dear to our hearts. 

Watch for a busy slate of rides throughout the summer. Some will be fast. Some will be slow. Many will end in cookies. All of them will do good for the organizations that make our area awesome. 

We’re Going To Talk More. Believe it or not, a few of you still like our Slack channel. Make sure you join for rides, news, and more here. This is a handy way to sell stuff, chat with other rides, and make sure you’re not showing up at 8:30 for the 8am ride this summer. 

We’re Going To ‘Gram More. We aren’t huge into Facebook, so make sure you’re following us at @kolotc for embarrassing photos of people eating food at NMMBA parties. We also use that platform to post updates and news, including your Wednesday reminder to weigh in for Chubby Buddies starting January 1. It can also be useful to skim #kolotc when you’re bored, and use the tag to post your own cycling shots. 

We’re Going Clubbing More. Make sure you’re in the Gent’s Club, where our most official rides and events get posted. And remember, ANYONE can post a ride there, so if you’re headed out and want company, use it. 
We’re Going To Race More. Well, probably. We’re really lucky to have a dozen or so riders agree to wear coordinated, branded cycling kit. If you want to be a part of a cycling team that makes you buy stuff at cost, offers no discounts, and makes you show up to charity rides and raise money, well, you should join up. In terms of deals, we’re proudly the worst team to ride for in the state. But if you want to have fun, actually ride as a team, and do something better than brag about your FTP, you’re going to look really good in black, red, and yellow. Watch for the team store to open in early January.

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