FROM THE ROOFTOPS: I Shave My Legs and I Love It!

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As I slip into my black skinny jeans, my skin is kissed by H&M’s finest clothing material. The sensation is blissful, rewarding, and a reminder of just how great having shaved legs feels. In my frugal world, moments of luxury are few and far between. Thus, slipping my freshly-shaved gams into my pants is something of a treat in a largely cold and indifferent world. A moment of self-care in an endless day mundane goings-on!

Sadly, in a world of beards, flannel shirts, and pick-up trucks, shaving my legs has always raised a few eyebrows among my non-cyclist friends. Hey, I get it! I don’t feel exactly feel like Ivan Drago when I’m stealing a Venus razor from my wife’s stash in the closet to shave. But, by George, shaving my legs is just Heavenly.

I started shaving my legs because the pro cyclists on TV did. When people asked me why my legs were shaved when they saw me at the beach, I’d say I shaved them because I’m a cyclist. They’d nod in understanding, even if that explanation still made absolutely no sense to them. Only my closest friends would then ask, “But why do cyclist shave their legs?”

Theoretically, the main reason cyclists shave their legs is because it’s easier to bandage road rash when your legs are shaved. That totally makes sense. There’s also ample proof that shaving your legs will help you ride faster. But, at 31 years old and over five years into marriage (with a lady), I’m comfortable saying that I shave my legs because I just like how it feels, man. There. It’s out there. Big exhale. Feels like a weight off my shoulders, just putting it out into the universe.

If you’ve ever shaved your legs, you know. They tan better. They look more muscular and more athletic. There’s never any itchy, in-grown hairs to deal with. Plus, when paired with a well-designed kit, you up your “Pro” aesthetics exponentially.

I like the feeling of shaved legs so much that I shave in the winter. There’s no real reason to do it, obviously. I’m not riding outside, so there’s no threat of needing to be clean-shaven for road rash. The only riding I do is on stationary bikes, so there’s no aerodynamic advantage to be gained. But I don’t care! Give me smooth legs any day of the week!

What I’m getting at is that we need to be proud of our hairless legs. If shaved legs is your thing, you do you! Don’t pay no mind to the scoffs, the comments, or the smirks. In a world where you can be anything, be shaved and happy.

Cyclists of the world, hide your shaved legs no more! Who’s with me?

Ladies, do you know how you got conned into shaving your legs, armpits and pretty much everything except for your eyebrows? Here’s an article that answers that question.

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