Fundraising Events, Cycling 101, and FTP Testing On Tap at Yen Yoga

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To stem the tide of cabin fever during our long, northern Michigan winters, it’s key to keep moving. Sometimes, that means going absolutely nowhere in the form of stationary bike riding. This winter at Yen Yoga & Fitness, we want to get new people into our sport, raise some money, and set some fitness benchmarks to build towards a stronger and healthier 2020. Here’s a peak at what kolo t.c. and Yen are up to over the next few months; we sure would be obliged if you joined us in your spandex.

TART Fundraiser Rides

What are some of the best parts of living in Traverse City? The beaches, the trails, and the food. But if you neglect mentioning Traverse Area Recreational Trails on your list, you’re getting it all wrong. Nothing ties together our community like TART, so we’re going to do what we can to raise some money for this excellent group.

Join Wes Sovis on February 8th at 9am for a 90-minute donation ride to benefit TART. I’ll have a fun ride lined up, plus we’re going to be watching a surprise movie to help us pedal for the full 90-minutes.

Can’t make it on Saturday? Sara Harding will lead another 90-minute ride on Sunday (February 9th) at 10am. If you ride and donate for both classes, there just might be a hard cider from Taproot in it for your efforts.

Registration for these classes opens February 2nd. Or you can call Yen to get in! (231. 421.5496)

Cycling 101 Classes for Future Cycling All-Stars

If you or someone you know really want to see what indoor cycling is all about, tell them about our Cycling 101 class at Yen. We’ll help each participant set their bikes up, record their measurements, and learn all the ins-and-outs of indoor cycling workouts. From the PRE scale to RPM, heart rate and looking really freaking good on a bike, each rider will learn the basics in a welcoming, low-key atmosphere.

Since it takes a few classes to get the hang out it (and for your butt to not hurt) Yen is offering a special class package discount to Cycling 101 participants after the workshop. We want more people on bikes in 2020, and we hope this class is what gets people who are on the fence onto a bike instead!

The class is Saturday, January 18 at 10:30. Call Yen to get signed up! (231. 421.5496)

Power and Heart Rate Testing

Ready to set 2020 on fire? We want to help you make it happen, Captain. Get signed up for our FTP testing on Saturday, January 25th at 10:30am. This fully-supported test will provide riders with their Functional Threshold Power, power and heart rate zones for training, and watts per kilogram measurements to help them get more out of their indoor cycling workouts, as well as give them a baseline of fitness on which to improve over the coming months before racing (and beach) season. Participants will get a printed/laminated card to take with them to future classes so that they can train with more information to get a more effective workout.

Get yourself signed up and we’ll see you there! Here’s to our bestest, most stationary winter yet, Traverse City.

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