SOLo Kolo 2020: Voss, Maldanado Win Opening Stage


We’re racing! Kind of. No, we are. We are.

SOLo kolo is underway after a week of tough efforts on Old Mission Peninsula. We have over 50 riders in the mix, and together, we’ve raised nearly $1,600 for the Father Fred Foundation. Over the next few months, their efforts to support those in need in our community will have even more important than ever. If you missed the first stage, you can hop in and compete for any of the upcoming stages and be eligible to win that segment! 

Winning might be easier said than done. There doesn’t seem to be too much of a winter hangover in Traverse City, with some incredibly strong rides on the board. Things kicked off on Monday with Gwen Urbain setting the first time of the year at just over 36 minutes. Sean Tower, Drew Cummins, and a slew of other riders put in efforts on Tuesday and Wednesday, using those early efforts to test the waters and get a feel for the 9.4 mile effort on Peninsula Drive. 

With almost no elevation gain, the real challenge was the wind. A strong, persistent headwind all week made timing the day and hour of the effort just as important as how the rider’s pedaled. Sean Tower’s early efforts set the mark under the 25-minute mark, and that looked safe until Garrett Jenema blasted it down into the 23s. 

On the women’s side, Sammy Maldanodo set a new mark at 28:24, which was enough to withstand the onslaught of strong rides from Laura Webb, Meghan Sarna, and Susan Vigland. Gwen Urbain is still sitting in fifth place, just 20 seconds ahead of Barb Beauregard. Those tight time gaps are going to be shaken and stirred this week, where the steep slopes of Wayne Hill will be telling. 

Friday saw another round of rides that shook the time of the charts, but Braiden Voss’s 21:30 was never really in danger. Steve Andriese, John O’Hearn, Max Meyer, Sean Tower, and Drew Cummins all put in second efforts on the segment, and it paid off. All of those riders find themselves in the top ten, with kolo t.c. represented by new signing Josh Concannon and Ryan Reiter. In all, the home team has seven riders in the top twenty after stage one, if you count Brad Pauly (and we always do). 

Taking a look at Voss’s winning ride, he averaged a monstrous 26.4 miles per hour into a 5-10mph headwind and was the only rider to tickle the 21-minute mark. He and Sammy will both pick-up a $10 gift card from Brew; get us your emails and we’ll send you a digital card, kids! 

Next up, it’s Wayner. .58 miles, 273 feet at an average of 9%, with two short pitches hitting 13% along the way. We’ll be taking times Monday through Saturday at 5pm, so mix in an attempt or two into your week! 
A huge thanks to everyone who has joined in and supported the cause. We also want to thank Taproot and Brew for being involved, even during these tough times. If you want to help’em out, buy a gift card for yourself or a buddy that beats you this week…and make them spend it with you once all this is over.

Full standing and results are here.

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