A Note From Tim Bottrell On The Trofeo Mark Dressler


This week’s Solo Kolo event will be a little different than the previous “races” as we send you out on a 30 mile route with three “stages” to compete for within one ride.  This isn’t any ordinary 30 mile route, it’s the D30 aka the Dressler 30, named after our friend/brother Mark Dressler.  Mark passed away from cancer a few years ago, and we thought this route was very fitting leading into the Less Cancer ride.  The route was a favorite of Mark’s and he introduced a lot of people to it.  It’s got everything a great ride should have; great scenery, fast flat sections, some steep climbs, rollers, a ripping downhill or two, and birds.  Oh yes, Mark loved his birds.  It was common to stop on a ride with Mark and watch an eagle, hawk or sand hill crane.

You can support cancer prevention by signing up for the Alone But Together Bike Ride. Do the D30 route on June 6-7, or any day this week, and considering registering for the ride to show your solidarity in helping to us reduce cancer rates in the US and 40 countries around the globe.

As a fitting lead-in to the Alone But Together Bike Ride weekend on June 6-7, you’ll have all week to ride the famous Dressler 30 route and target three segments along the way. It’s simple; ride solo, think about Mark and everyone affected by cancer, hit those segments as hard or easy as you want, and finish the right. We’ll take the accumulative time of the three segments, not the whole route, so you can cruise in between. 

You can sign up by registering for the Alone But Together Bike Ride here, but if you can’t swing the fee right now, don’t sweat it. 

D30 Route here. 

Three segments are:

The Gallivan Sprint.

Valley Road.


You’ll have from June 1 to June 7 to get your ride in!   

You can sign up here.

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