Cyclists, Let’s Look Out for the Businesses Who Look Out for Cyclists

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“Now, more than ever…”

Yeah, you’ve heard it. It’s become a cliche now. The pandemic has kicked a whole lot of people and businesses in the jaw, and it’s going to be a long time until things get back to normal. If you want to talk numbers, the restaurant industry in Michigan lost $1.2 billion in revenue in April alone. Only 28% of Michigan businesses are confident they’ll still be able to survive the pandemic. 1.45 million people in Michigan are still unemployed as of the first week of June.

It’s bleak. And many small businesses in your neighborhood are really feeling the pinch. Not just the owners of the businesses, but the employees who have seen their hours cut or have been laid off entirely. There are a lot of people losing sleep over their financial futures right now, and there’s a whole lot of uncertainty over when, or even if, things will get back to normal.

Take a minute to make a mental list in your head. Think of all the logos on your cycling jersey, the logos on the banners from all the races you (used to) race. Think of all the times a local bike shop hooked you up, or a local coffee shop hosted a fundraising ride. If you’re anything like me, that list grows pretty darn long, real fast.

These small businesses helped out of the cycling community with sponsorships, donations, discounts and so much more when things were good. Now, it’s crucial that we return the favor when times aren’t so good.

I know it might sound preachy, but we ask that you’re conscientious about where you spend your dollars right now. Think of the businesses that have been supporting events, teams, cycling non-profits, and our cycling community for years and even decades, and let’s show them some love right now, when they need it most.

If you’re in Traverse City or Holland, we hope you’ll support the following businesses.

We hope you’ll make a list of local businesses in your neck of the woods who have been there for your team, supported your local events, and helped put out good vibes in your cycling community. They need you right now. You can bet on that.

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