2020 Speed of Light: CX/Fat Bike Week


SOL is back and it’s even more brutal by your lonesome as it is tucked inches behind your buddy’s butt. 

It’s a start. With a few small groups and plenty of SOLo efforts in the game, CX/Fat Bike Week is on the board. The double points for narrow/fat tires have given some gaps in the WorldTour points early, but there’s a sense of Owens inevitability after such a dominant display all spring and in the opening week. 

Kent “Taco Champ” McNeil started things off, riding the slender coattails of Ryan “Mr. President” Kennedy before a flat knocked the President out of action. Kent kept the hammer down for a blister 38 minute time, confirmation of his form after a slew of great results last month during SOLo Kolo. 

Max Meyer’s 39:09 was more than good enough for fourth place on the week and a strong start for a rider who has grown strong in leaps and bounds over the past year. He’s going to be a force to be reckoned with all summer long, and serves as Hagerty’s top rider with Garrett Jenema in the study working on his new pop album, Teen Heartthrobs. 

Hagerty’s women’s squad is dominant, with Susan Vigland packing her broom for most of the past two months to sweep SOLo Kolo and that’s continued without interruption into CX/Fat Bike Week. She set the fastest time on the heels of faithful lieutenant Rob G, with teammate Valerie Hyrman going #CX4LYFE to double up her points for the week. They’ll be chomping at the bit to get on course for Ladies’ Week, where ALL women who get a time will get double points! 

For the home team, Jeff Galstererer set the tone early and inspired a show of force on Friday. Dan Ellis put in a 41:07 just an hour before Cody hit the mid-39 mark before going again with Wes and Jaden Drews. Even with two (2) dropped chains and a sloppily-executed log-hop, the trio stormed to a top ten and got in some good Team Time Trial practice along the way. 

All of it felt a bit of a tease until Jeff and Cam Owens put in lap, which they did under crisp and sunny skies on Saturday. They torched the 2020 top mark and slid home just one second apart, with Cam laying down a 36:24 and taking the first weekly win of the season. Maybe the toughest challenge they’ll face will be divving up the goods; perhaps alternating the win week-to-week will hold the peace?

Only double points put Cody Sovis atop the points standings, continuing his shameful streak of leading his own competition through persistence and an embarrassingly wide selection of different bikes. Even he can’t double up next week, which could mean the Owens’ find some daylight before the Tour starts. 

After spending way too much time thinking about it, we’ve got a few changes to how we’re scoring the Tour this year. 

First, we’re doing 10 points, -1 to the top ten per stage. The final GC will be worth 30, -1 until they run out. The Mountains, Points, Women’s GC, and Best Older Rider (45+) will be worth 10, -1. Women will also get points on the overall GC, so they can pick up a ton of points if they finish all four weeks! 

Finally a quick point on Strava. Wahoo’s seem to have a tough time picking up this segment. We’ll stick with it for one more week, but we can adjust after that. If you’re a Wahooligan, time on your phone, too. Or use a wristwatch. Or get an old-school stopwatch like old high school football coaches used to have. 

You’ve got Monday-Saturday to slam down another lap! It’ll be faster and faster every time…probably. 

Thanks for riding, everybody!

Weekly and points standings are available here.

Got $5 to donate as your ‘entry’ fee? Goodwill has provided over 6,000 meals a month and the need is growing. You can support families right here in northern Michigan with a donation.

The Agenda

June 15 – Ladies’ Night!

June 22 – Random Relay Night! 

June 29 – Tour Competition Stage One

July 6 – Tour Competition Stage Two

July 13 – Tour Competition – Queen Stage

July 20 – Tour Competition Finale 

July 27 – Team Time Trial Night 

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