The Third Triumvirate: Owens x 2, Plus Jenema Make for a Dominant Display

I know what you’re thinking. Total smoke show.I know what you’re thinking. Total smoke show.

I know what you’re thinking. Total smoke show.

In the first century BC, in Rome, Julius Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey formed a political and social juggernaut so potent that it was called The First Triumvirate. Such was the power and influence of this alliance that it rendered the vaunted Senate of the Republic virtually useless. Nothing happened in Rome or anywhere in the expanse of its holdings without the blessing of the triumvirate; anything the trio deemed necessary was carried out with nary a hint of questioning.

Glossing over a second Triumvirate that, honestly, just wasn’t as cool as the first one, Traverse City witnessed a long-awaited Third Triumvirate in the form of three exceptionally skinny, Lycra-clad cyclists.

Hey, man, you let me use my History degree. I spent $45k on the thing.

The Dudes’ Race

A lethal combination of Jeff and Cam Owens, plus Garrett Jenema came together to create a trio so powerful that it left more than two dozen other riders hopelessly adrift in both pace and, almost as importantly, pizzaz.

They combined to lay down a time of 35:24, which is almost unfathomable, given the small group in which they rode and the return of sand as deep and ubiquitous as, well, sand tends to be in northern Michigan.

The able, and frankly, not unattractive form of Ryan Kennedy put up a brave 37:25, but this was just the leading time in a field left in the shadows of the Gods.

Rounding out the top five, Cody dragged Wes around like a crying toddler and Wes shot ahead at the end for a 38:16. (I owe Cody a cookie. Probably two.)

We should also note some really strong rides from Young Gun Drew Cummins, as well as Grady Ellis. Grady may have benefited from an 11-mile lead out from 2019 Iceman Champion Alexey Vermeulen, but keeping up with the defending champ is no small feat.

Additional nods go to Jeff Galsterererer for another impressive solo shred, Carl Copenhaver, as well a Leland Branco, who is looking to move up the standings as the summer wears on.

Women’s’ Race

You needn’t clutch your pearls in suspense, dear readers, as last week’s fastest time from the women came from Susan Vigland. She’s as dominant as she is consistent, and it remains to be seen if any of the ladies will be able to challenge her in 2020.

In second, Sammi Maldonado fought valiantly to claim another podium. Just behind, Katie Tomczyk put in a very impressive ride for third, with Sarah Best making her debut in 2020 with a strong ride.

WorldTour Points

Cody bailed on pairing riders for points for the random relay because he was busy putting together a nursery. But he did randomly assign points to riders in the top 20, so we’ll count it. Jeff G won the full 20 points, and you can see where you and your friends are in the standings RIGHT HERE.

Be sure to ride the SOL course (from 2019) this week to impress your friends and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Remember, this week is the start of Le Tour! Four stages, then a TTT will decide the 2020 Tour Champion. Get your laps in before Friday night to factor in each week, as well as the GC. Leave nothing on the trail – this is all that’s left for SOL for 2020.

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