Speed of Light TTT: Hagerty Wins The Stage To End Season


The final stage of the 2020 Speed of Light season brought out a select few champions to test their team strength and sand-skills. This is their story. 

No matter what time of year we wrap this up, the final stage is always a small, intimate affair. Just twelve riders took the stage this week, a nice neat number for three-man squads in the sand pits of Speed of Light. After a week of rain and washouts, those sand pits are in prime summer shape right now, adding an additional challenge to keep the troops upright and organized. 

Heavy favorites Hagerty Racing did not disappoint, with Max Meyer, Garrett Jenema, and Steve Andriese riding in elite company with Jeff and Cam Owens. When the fastest riders of summer decide to give it a nudge together, there’s only one outcome. Andriese officially stopped the clock with a 37:09, ceding a minute to Max, who pockets the final stage. For the Owens boys, they pick up a teammate in Drew Cummins, who rode with the kolo t.c. squad a few hours earlier. Cummins didn’t just contribute to the group’s ride, he made it; over the top of Anita’s he took the race by the scruff and willed both Sovis’ and Dan Ellis all the way to the line. 

Dan Ellis was nine seconds behind Drew to score third for kolo, a slightly disappointing result, but all three riders went home knowing they couldn’t have done much more. The final squad to score, pieced together as the remaining unattached riders, was Ryan “Mr. President” Kennedy, Kent McNeil, and Grady “Ferocious Teddy Bear” Ellis. Grady survived a near disaster in the opening sand pit to settle into to a strong pace to double his WorldTour points haul for the year. 

And the WorldTour is final now, with Max Meyer becoming the first rider to break Cody’s three-year run as points champion. It’s a sign of the times that youth has taken the reins, though it’s an more experienced rider in second. Jeff Owens takes second place from Cody Sovis on countback with both riders level on 103 points, 14 behind Meyer. 

Tour winner Garrett Jenema slide in next, with Jaden Drews finishing a career best fifth place ahead of Andriese, Dan Ellis, and Cam Owens. Kent McNeil bags tenth place in strong company. 

With SOL wrapped up, we’ll work on some more weekly challenges soon! 

You can see the full points, results, and standings here.

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