TC Zwift Winter Stage Racing Is BACK


The racing doesn’t get any more fake than this. In the cold climes of the northern tundra and during pandemic days, virtual racing is the hottest ticket this winter.

Last winter, Brad Hochstetler set-up a simply awesome winter stage race that allowed us to connect on the battlegrounds of Watopia, London, and other Zwift maps. The racing was digital; the effort, real enough. This winter, with group riding still incredibly risky (even if you choose not to think so) and with the woods occupied by hunters until the start of December, let’s get fake.

Each stage race has its own twist, with varying ways to earn points, form teams, and find your niche. Time trials and road stages, flat days and epic rides in the mountains, you’ll find a whole new level of motivation to get fit, stay fit, and possible burn off all those Christmas cookies you’re making because there ain’t nobody coming to your party.

For a much better explanation of how it all works, plus info on how to connect to the TC channel on Discord, head here.

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