SOLOKOLO Week #1: The Youth Put on a Show

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The first week of SOLOKOLO is a communal blowing-out of the cobwebs at the end of a long winter, and boy howdy, did the short steep climb make you feel alive and ready for spring. We didn’t really think we’d have to do SOLOKOLO again this year, but there’s a pandemic on, so here we are. Making the best of it. As you do. 

The segment this week, the Col de la Tortuga, is a relatively short, steep effort that was picked in the hopes it would keep segment times close.

The young guns tore that idea to shreds. After some flying markers were set by Jaden Drews and Ryan Reiter early in the week, Garrett Jenema took a run at the segment and laid down an almost unthinkable 1:31, shattering the previous KOM, which was held by Jason Whittaker at 1:59. 

After Ryan Kenney put in a 1:45, it was difficult to think who could possibly top the young Jenema’s effort. Max Meyer stepped to the fore to put down a Tadej Pogacar-esque 1:25 and blow the minds of cycling enthusiasts in TC. 

Kyan Olshove, perhaps the last rider with any hope of topping Meyer’s dominance, put a 1:38 on the board to take third place. His podium on the segment was an exceptional ride and certainly signals his intentions for the rest of the SOLOKOLO series. 

It was the always strong Patrick Cotant who saved face for the 30+ crowd, laying down a 1:43 to let the young folks know that any given moment, Stella could get her groove back and take a W. Nick Wierzba also gave the whippersnappers something to think about with a 1:44. 

As our segment winner, Max is entitled to a prize. However, our intended prize, a 4-pack from Stone Hound, would be illegal, because I’m pretty sure Max isn’t 21. Instead, we’ll get Max a super-slick Stone Hound hat. It’ll be cool AND we won’t get anyone into trouble – WIN-WIN. 

Check out the full results of week one right here

Starting Monday, our next segment is a brand-new segment called Stone Hound Sprint. Is it a stroke of genius to put a brand-new brewery at the end of a SOLOKOLO segment? Some would say yes. And they’d be right. You have until Saturday at 5pm to hit the segment. Get after it.

Obviously, don’t be stupid on this one. The segment is on the TART, so if there are other people out there, whoa-up your sprint and try again when it’s empty. We’re doing this segment super early in the year with the idea that there probably won’t be too many people out there, but don’t sprint if people are walking or rollerblading or jazzercising. ESPECIALLY if they’re jazzercising. 

Be sure to pick up a 4-pack from Stone Hound and tell them Kolo sent you. They’ve had to delay their opening for almost a year, so let’s celebrate their persistence with a cold one or five. 

If you want to ride indoors and not race anyone, we have just the ride for you. Saturday, March 20 is Norte’s Virtual Roll presented by Intrepid Cycling Co. Registration is $35 with all proceeds going to Norte’s Youth Scholarship Fund. Get signed up. We have giveaways, good vibes, and we’ll be off the trainer in just over an hour.

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