Solo Kolo: Part Duh

Did NOT think we’d have to do this again, but if eschewing large group rides with cooties-ridden people is a part of the requirement to get bikes races and normal life back, well, we’re going to do out part. #SOLOKOLO rides again!

It’s a simple premise. You work the week Strava segement into your ride, then you feverishly hit ‘refresh’ on the leaderboard until Saturday at 5pm to see what place you got. Win or lose, it’s about working in a few honest efforts into your foul-weather riding this before we can (safely) get larger rides back onto our agenda.

These routes have been hand-picked and carefully scrutinized to offer a diverse range of efforts, plus help you discover some of the little-known climbs and routes that are relatively accessible from in-town. They’re designed to fit easily into a one-hour ride, the sort of thing you can easily do during the week.

Since the weather looks G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S this week, we’re getting starting early with the first offering. This will be the only week with a single segment; going forward, we’ll have a short (think sub-five minutes) and a long (think more than ten minutes) pairing to balance things out between sprinters and puncheurs; it’s kind of a cool way to see your power profile and the profiles of your rivals, er, friends.

And so, first up, it’s….

The Col de la Tortuga! Named after the little turtle guy holding an orange flag to warn motorists of wayward #YOUTHS, it’s a wall. There is a segment that goes all the way to the cul-de-sac, but we’re using the slightly shorter one to weigh this slightly in favor of the pure climbers.

And even this “shorter” segment is a tidy .46 miles long, with an average grade of 7% that hits 11 and 12% in the middle. Jason Whittaker currently holds the crown with a time of 1:59, and ducking under that two-minute mark is no small feat…and the QOM, Lisa Carlson, did it. She’s a full second faster at 1:58!

Get your time in by Saturday at 5pm to count. Since this bad dad is on the east side of town, we’ll coming up with a six-pack of Stone Hound Brewing’s finest for the top men’s and women’s competitors. If you’re under 21 and win, you get a hat.

Get nerdy on the segment here:


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