Jenema, Hyrman Cap Off #solokolo For 2021

And so, the #solokolo campaign ends with confirmation that, yes, Garrett Jenema is annoyingly fast. 

It looked like Jim Jackovatz’s early effort to kick off the week would have some sticking power and, until late on it sure did. After putting down a 9:21 on the Power Section, he backed it up on the Boonenberg with a 50-second blitz. That looked strong, especially after surviving both Sovis’ efforts the following day.

Perhaps the next most serious challenge came from Patrick Cotant and Andy Weir. Both are big motors on the flats with the punch to hit a short effort like the Boonenberg, but both found it tough to settle into the right pace on the Power Section. 

On the women’s side, Valerie Hyrman came out firing on the Power Section, posting a 10:45 and well under that 11-minute mark that serves as a pretty tough barrier for plenty of riders. Gwen was just north of 11 minutes, finishing off a dedicated campaign as she prepares for the season. 

Of course, Jenema rocked a pair of segments that he’s made his own over the past couple of years at Speed of Light and punctuated the #solokolo season. 

So, what’s next?

Man, no idea.

Check the results here.

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