SOLOKOLO: It’s Like 2013 All Over Again

It was always going to be a bit of a light week for #solokolo, with some variable weather (you know, snow) and Spring Break travel putting plenty of riders out of town. Still, there were some impressive rides on a very vertical double-header, with one rider coming out of the woodwork to take the win. 


We get a reprieve from singing the praises of the youngsters, with Garrett Jenema, Max Meyer, Kyan Olshove, and Drew Cummins largely dominating the opening month of #solokolo. With this week off their combined radar, the clock was kicked back about a decade to a time when there was a different crop of youngers, a generation spearheaded by riders like Bryan Carps. Carps turned the clock back this week with a dominant display on Lincoln Road and a very strong ride on the shorter, steeper ascent of Wayne, as well. Combined, he took a comfortable win, with another rider from his generation, Cody Sovis, coming in second. 

For sheer brute force, it’s hard to look past the bigger riders like Jason Johnson, Jim Jackovatz, and Patrick Cotant. They’re pushing 280 Watts for 9 minutes on a climb like Lincoln and that’s a number that would be considerably higher if it weren’t for the two short false flats along the way. 

Gwen Urbain claimed the women’s side of things with two consistent and strong efforts, including achingly close to the five-minute mark on Wayne; she’ll break that barrier soon! 

For all the numbers, head here.

Now that we’re into April, things are getting long. This week, use the segment as a benchmark of fitness on Peninsula Drive North. Just shy of 10 miles, this segment is a great way to test power and endurance. While it’s largely flat, there are just a few small speedbumps along the way that can really upset your rhythm. Of course, those will ambition will also be staring at the weather; a strong southerly wind is worth a good three minutes or more. 

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