2021 Speed of Light Numero Tres: Kennedy and Holmes Set New Top Time!

SOL Numero Tres Results.pngSOL Numero Tres Results.png

In the third week of Speed of Light, we’ve got a new top time for the season and a real fight on our hands for the WorldTour podium!

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer on the Vasa Pathway, but that hasn’t done anything to slow down the Speed of Light crew this week. In spite of the deepening sandpits, Ryan Kennedy and Sam Holmes tied on the night to post a new fastest time for 2021 and split top points. It’s a big haul that puts them both in the mix for a high finish on the WorldTour, but their newfound success also makes the already tight fight for second on WorldTour even tighter. 

That battle is between Jim Jackovatz and Chris Johnston, a pair that hardly been more than an arm’s length away from each other most of this Speed of Light season. Chris made up ground this week and the duo sits tied on 72 points.With plenty of SOLs left to go and a vaunted Queen Stage on the books in late July, there’s plenty of time to shake up the whole top ten, but these two have been neck-and-neck. 

Holmes now sits fourth on the WorldTour ahead of Wes Sovis and a flying Bridgett Widrig, who is far and away the strongest SOL woman in, well, history. 

You can check out the full week-by-week results and current points standings here. 

The next Speed of Light week, QUATRO!, is slated for the week of July 1!

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