Clash of Clans Stage 1

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It’s fitting, of course, that Opening Weekend of the Belgian Classics also saw the best and the brightest (depending on their screen settings) back in action for the inaugural Clash of Clans. With more than 100 racers broken into two racers (there are dozens of us!) and vying for the title of Kings of DIRT, the Wandering Flats was the scene of some pointed excitement this morning.

Check out the Clash of Clans Stage 1 Recap and get pumped for next week!

The Imperial IPA Race

Imperial includes all plus categories, or the top half of Zwift’s official range for A, B, C, and D categories.  The famously cerebral DIRTy Mitten crew loaded the A+ race, fielding 4 of the 7 riders and pocketing FAL and finish points in the smallest category.

The A+ Race

The numbers weren’t enough to overall Marc-Andre Faucher (Rascals), who is also a Stanley Cup-winning goalkeeper, we’re pretty sure. His cousin (all Canadians are cousins), Olivier Gagnon (Wattz) was third, with Mitten’s Al McWilliams and Dan Yankus 2 and 4. Everyone’s favorite Brosterman, Michael, got Eat on the board, with Jon Roobal and basically-a-Mitten-rider-but-he-rode-for-Eat Jesse Keaton 7th.

The B+ Race

Mitten took spots 1-3 in the Imperial B race thanks to Jeb Stone, Kent McNeil, and Drew Cummings. Gre Greg Thompson picked up a valuable 4th for Eat ahead of Paul Robinson (DnD) and Dirk Veldman, who is very Dutch.

The C+ Race

Mitten was again 1-2 in the C race, with Jesse Brennan and Spencer Nemecek finishing things off. Tim Czar gave Steamers their best result in the Imperial event with third ahead of Phil Schiller (Mitten) and Steve Berry (Mitten). There were a lot of Mitten riders, guys.

The D+ Race

Importantly, Ed Saxton and Ayo Lawson were 1-2 in D and get the same points for winning their category as anyone else. Go recruit some more Ds, everyone! They’re just sticking their hands in the cookie jar unopposed!

The Session IPA Race

Mitten leaned heavily on strategery in the Session race and it paid off. With the attrition of six (6) sprint points and a few punchy climbs, they applied pressure when required and sat back when necessary. At the most decisive point in the race, they had numbers up front just as their 1-2 B riders, Wes Sovis and Jaden Drews, were gapped. First Cody Sovis, then Joey Bianchini went back and, with some cooperate from the squad up front, all four rejoined. It gave Mitten 6 of the top 10 places overall, plus 1-2 in B.

The A Race

Just like in the A+ race, however, it wasn’t enough to take the win. In an absolutely textbook lesson in racing smarts, Eat Dirt’s Oberman took the sprint win ahead of a hard-charging Chris Ostberg. Ostberg measured his effort beautifully all race to snaffled up FAL points at all 6 spots.

Stephen Katuska gave Eat a second rider on the podium in third, with Mitten taking spots 4—9, including Drews and W. Sovis 1-2 in B.

The B Race

In the massive bunch gallop behind, Paul Greenwood (DnD) and Drake Watts ((is that a pseudonym?) were next across and 3-4 in the B race. That bunch, which included five riders on the line after a late split, played a big role in how the final points shook out.

The C Race

The C race was big for Mitten as well, with RvD taking the win ahead of Travis McD (Rascals) and Jake Lococo (Watts)

We’ll have the full points picture added as soon as it’s ready.

You can see the race results at the links below:

Imperial IPA

Session IPA

What’s Next?

Ready for more fun? The Midweek Mitten Race Series starts this Tuesday at 5:05 am EST.

Next week, Clash of the Clans takes in two laps of Sand and Sequoias as an ode to Strade Bianche. Riders will have to make the tough choices with bike selection and their tactics as the climbers get a turn to target KOM points.

Having fun? Check out the Clash of Clans t-shirt and let’s see if our store actually works.

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