Get Committed: Register for the Less Cancer Bike Ride America 2022

Ride a little or ride a lot. Every mile brings us closer to our goal.

This year’s Less Cancer Bike Ride America is a chance to raise the profile of cancer prevention as an accessible and effective priority in the fight against cancer. From June 3-July 4, riders from across the country will ride to raise money for Less Cancer, a non-profit organization dedicated to education and advocacy.

Less Cancer programming provides health care professionals with the tools they need to effectively communicate cancer prevention to patients. Less Cancer advocacy has formed legislation at the local, state, and national levels to protect consumers from everything from smoking to PFAS.

The Less Cancer Bike Ride America Rocks – Literally

This year’s event kicks off with a free concert featuring The Steel Wheels. The concert is scheduled for June 3 at Mt. Holiday in Traverse City, Michigan. This laid-back, family-friendly event is your chance to celebrate the mission and connect with cancer prevention advocates from all over the country.

Pedal the Path to Prevention

Put in the miles starting June 4 through July 4 and see how far you can go. Every pedal stroke counts when you invite friends, colleagues and family members to support your efforts. Consider challenging others to ride as well or to donate to your Less Cancer Bike Ride America fundraising efforts.

Create your own weekly or one-time group ride to create some momentum. In Traverse City, we’re hosting an 80-mile ride in Leelanau County, with more details on the June 11 event here. Ride with us, or get your cycling friends together where ever you and make your own event!

Here’s How to Get Involved

  1. Register to ride. 100% of your registration fee goes to Less Cancer to support the National Cancer Prevention Workshop and National Cancer Prevention Day. When registering, join a fundraising team…there’s always room on the kolo t.c. team!
  2. Create a personal fundraising page. (My looks like this…and is accepting donations.)
  3. Make a goal. 10 miles? 1,000 miles? Your goal is up to you. Set a month-long mileage goal and stay committing to meeting it. Ask friends and family for support!
  4. Become a part of the Less Cancer Community by following the Less Cancer Journal for cancer prevention updates every week.

Let’s Roll

From Less Cancer, The Steel Wheels, and cyclists around the country, thank you for getting involved in the 2022 Less Cancer Bike Ride America. Together, we can save countless lives by making cancer prevention through education and advocacy an integral part of the Cancer Moonshot and worldwide cancer-fighting efforts. For more information, head to

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  1. It’s a meaningful race. Thanks for your sharing. Cancer is still a fear for many people around the world. So I also want to do my part to increase the importance of fighting this disease. I will share more with more people so that everyone can participate in this meaningful race.

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