2022 Less Cancer Ride Recap

Two bicycle riders in Leelanau County supporting Less Cancer.

The Less Cancer Ride is in the books for 2022 and it is already one of the most successful events in the decade-long history of the event. Plus, it was a blast. 

The ride has taken on many shapes over the years but this version is by far the most accessible for riders and financially sound. All of the money donated goes straight to Less Cancer; no covering insurance, food stops, travel, or other expenses. And when you have Leelanau County in your backyard, why leave?

The 2022 Route

The group received a barking sendoff from Dan Ellis and his pup, Bode. Dan is by far the biggest fundraiser so far, raising more than $1,300 even though he’s too good of a dad; instead of riding, he went to Ferocious Teddy Bear’s LAX game. (You gotta call it ‘lax’ to fit in with the lacrosse crowd.)

Pushed north by a generous tailwind, the group made it to Leland in about 80 minutes, a great start to a 67-mile route. All the climbing, however, was still to come, including ascents of Sugar Loaf, Narlock, and Gilbert Road, a nifty gravel climb taking riders away from Glen Lake and pointed in the general direction of home. 

A big thanks to everyone for keeping the ride together and pulling strings to make this event happen. Saturdays in June are certainly busy, but we really appreciate everyone making cancer prevention and cycling a high priority in our community. 

How You Can Get Involved with Less Cancer

The Less Cancer Bike Ride is just getting started. Every mile between June 3 and July 4 makes a difference. Join the ride and help support cancer prevention programming, including the National Cancer Prevention Workshop. 

Join our Less Cancer Bike Ride fundraising team or consider making a donation to the squad. 

A big thanks to everyone who made today such a great day on the bike…let’s do it again soon!

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